Futinator Premium is a powerful chrome extension for Ultimate Team 23. It gives you the possibility to snipe manually.

The features that are waiting for you:

  • Assign hotkeys to common actions in the FUT web app (search, buy, list, etc.)
  • No delay while sniping, which makes your sniping process much more efficient
  • Get warned when you're searching just a little too fast
  • Powerful 'Buy now with configuration' (bind multiple events to one key)
    • Search + Buy now + Send transfer list
    • Search + Buy now + Go Back
    • Search + Buy now + List
    • Search + Buy now + Send transfer list + Go Back
    • Snipe by rating
  • Save your favorite settings so that you can load them again at a later time with just one click
  • Auto Bid
  • List your cards automatically
  • Select most recently listed search result


If you need further assistance, you can join our discord server HERE or contact us at support@futinator.com