Futinator+ is a powerful autobuyer/bot for EA FC 24. It gives you the possibility to snipe completely automated or manually. You can choose! In addition, this is the safest autobuyer/bot on the market because it emulates human behavior. No hidden costs, a one-time purchase and you are ready for the new web app.

The features that are waiting for you:

  • Ligtning snipe
    • Lightning snipe provides the fastest snipe experience possible from a programming perspective.
  • Snipe or bid while you're away from your PC. Simply set up your filter, start the bot, and watch the coins roll in.
  • You choose what happens with purchased cards (list, send them to transfer list, or store in your club).
  • Use predefined settings ("Boost mode", "Regular sniping" or "Long time sniping"). Customize your snipe process to your needs.
  • Use snipe by rating.
  • Control how long the bot runs for.
  • Audio cues for when important events occur (i.e. card purchased, CAPTCHA solve required, and more).
  • Set the running and sleep times individually. This will create a human behavior.
  • Give your bot a human behavior by giving random run times and sleep times. Additionally you can randomize your speed.
  • Run the bot for hours on end by going unassigned and sniping nearly unlimited cards.
  • Use the "No frills" feature. This feature will enable pure sniping by ignoring all Futinator+ settings and minimizing the sniping cycle to the bare minimum. This will allow you to snipe a lot faster.
  • Allow the bot to clear the sold items off your transfer list intermittently so your transfer list doesn't fill up so you can keep sniping.
  • Use the powerful discord notifications and stay up to date while sniping. You will be notified (e.g. on your cell phone) when you have bought a card or you have to solve captcha.
  • Be protected with the "safe sniping" feature. The bot will stop running if multiple pages of results appear.
  • Save your Futinator+ settings and change them. The app fully adapts to your needs.
  • Get a complete log (cards seen, cards purchased, time spent running, profit).
  • Get notified about events by email.
  • You can rotate your favorite filters to optimize your sniping process.
  • Save up to 10 of your favorite filters and load them on demand in a flash.
  • Sometimes you want to customize your snipe process even more specifically to your needs. Futinator+ offers both automatic sniping and manual sniping.
  • You have full control over the speed of the autobuyer/bot. We recommend a moderate speed (0.8) but if needed you can use the maximum speed.


If you need further assistance, you can join our discord server HERE or contact us at support@futinator.com


Futinator live in action: https://youtu.be/DxejNAJbPlM



While the autobuyer has had large success, using an autobuyer is a significant risk and by purchasing this app, you are assuming 100% of that risk. Be smart, solve CAPTCHAs, and you should be fine. However, I cannot and will not guarantee your account's safety.